December 27, 2020. Music Movement Day

To the 130th anniversary of Stephanida Rudneva and the 120th anniversary of Emma Fish

Music Movement Day is celebrated on December 27 every year already more than one hundred and ten times. The musical movement is a tradition that has arisen in our country at the beginning of the twentieth century under the influence of Isadora Duncan, survived the change of eras and regimes, and now it is being successfully continued by the second, third and  fourth generation of dancers.

This year is special, it marks the 130th anniversary of his birth founders of the musical movement Stephanida Dmitrievna Rudneva (1890-1989) and the 120th anniversary of the birth of her student and faithful fellow-in-arms, Emma Mikhailovna Fish (1900-1975).

At the meeting, the voice of Stephanida Dmitrievna from the archive audio recordings: her memories of Isadora Duncan’s speech 12 (25) December 1907, as well as her story about the history studio “Heptakhor” (1914-1934). The premiere of the documentary will take place “Journey to the Dance. From the memoirs of Stephanida Rudneva “ directed by Alexei Sedov.

Our guests will congratulate on the Day of Musical Movement:

  • Sandra Woolgari (Greece) – dancer and choreographer, student of Barbara Kane, member of the Isadora Duncan Dance Group. He teaches at the Duncan Center in Athens, which is based on the site where the Duncan family’s home stood when they arrived in Greece in the early 20th century.
  • Barbara Kane (UK) – dancer, choreographer, founder of the Isadora Duncan Dance Group (Paris-London), one of the creators of the digital archive of Isadora Duncan ( ). Lives in London, teaches classes in Greenwich and gives master classes throughout Europe.
  • Meg Brooker (USA) – dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, professor at the University of Middle Tennessee, head of the archives of the Rhythm Neuss School, artistic director of the Duncan Dance South dance company, dance researcher, one of the founders of the International Symposium dedicated to Isadora Duncan.
  • Birgit Pitzig (Germany) – a graduate of the Elisabeth Duncan School in Munich, certified technician Elisabeth Duncan and  Rosalia Chladek technique, psychologist, dance teacher, organizer of the Duncan International Summer Dance School. Lives in the “Blue Land” – a picturesque area of Bavaria, where in the early twentieth century settled Wassily Kandinsky and other members of the “Blue Horseman” association.
  • Anastasia Nabokina (Poland) – ballet dancer, graduate of the Moscow Choreographic School, formerly the first soloist of the Kremlin Ballet Theater and the Warsaw National Opera, in  currently lecturer at the Jagiellonian University at  Krakow. Working on a dissertation on free dance in Russia.
  • Natalia Fedorova (Brazil) – Professor at the State University of Alagoas, Brazil (Profesor Titular da Universidade Federal de  Alagoas), student of Emma Fish, head of music movement studios in Moscow and Brazil.
  • Evgeniya Pirshina (USA) – opera singer, laureate of international awards, theater photographer. He practices musical movement, lives in Chicago, gives concerts all over the world.
  • Alekseevskaya gymnastics studio “Girlfriend” (Moscow) under the leadership of Lyudmila Alexandrova-Kholodkovskaya.
    Dance cooperative “Isadorino gore” (Moscow-Berlin) – Alexandra Portyannikova, Daria Plokhova
  • Faculty of Contemporary Dance, Humanitarian University (Yekaterinburg) : Dean Natalya Kuryumova, her deputy, head of the Post-Folk program Anna Polyakova, accompanist Anna Gin and  students.

Practitioners and teachers of the musical movement are invited to participate: Aida Ailamazyan, Larisa Amirova, Pyotr Andreev, Larisa Varenik, Dina Vaimer, Irina Dmitrieva, Galina Zubets, Tatyana Knyazeva, Svetlana Krzhechevskaya, Olga Mazneva, Svetlana Mikhailova, Valentina Ryazia Osyanova , Tatiana Trifonova, Valentina Tsarkova, Evelina Shauro and others.