Studios, dance groups and experimental platforms that use the technique of musical movement.


  • Heptahor Music Studio (named in memory of the first Studio Heptahor, established in 1914) at the Center for Musical and Plastic Development “Heptahor” by him. S.D. Rudneva, the leader of Aida Melikonna Aylamamyan is a student of O.K. Popova.
  • “Dance-o-Dora”. Duncan’s studio. leaders – Dina Weimer and Olga Mazneva – students n.N. Fedorova.
  • Isadora Plastic DanceStudio. Head of The Distinguished Worker of Culture of Russia Valentina Ryazanova (a student of the second generation of the studio of the musical movement “Heptahor” for 20 years studied in the studio of Emma Fish, in 1983 she graduated from the highest ballet master’s courses at GITIS) .
  • Terpsichora Studio – The laboratory of musical movement. Head Tatiana Trifonova (student of S.D.Rudneva and E.M. Fish).
  • The music movement studio at Gogol House, which operates as part of the Moscow Longevity program. The leaders are Tatiana Pika, a student of O.K. Popova, and Irina Dmitrieva, a student of E.M.Fish, E.A.Shauro and T.B. Trifonova.
  • Children’s groups of Preschool departments No. 1.3 HBOU School No. 281. The music director is Svetlana Mikhailova, a student of N.N.Fedorova and O.K. Popova.