On our website for the first time presented electronically facsimile text of the method of musical movement, finally worked out and fixed in the printed form of S.D. Rudnevin in 1975-77. It will be useful to all those who are interested in this topic or are engaged with children in kindergartens, clubs, in elementary classes, who want to continue these classes with young people or to study in older groups.

  • Students S.D. Rudneva and E.M. Fish, who took part in the preparation of Rudnev’s manuscript for the electronic version:
    Amirova Larissa, Dmitrieva Irina, Markina (Pasynkova) Alice, Osipova (Goryacheva) Lydia, RyazanovaValentina, TrifonovaTatiana, Sawardo Evelina.
  • Computer works and publication on the Internet:
    Daniil and Ilya Dmitriev.

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